Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event suitable for children?

Most of the music takes place in bars and pubs in and around the town.

Unfortunately we do not have any control over the licences for individual premises so the admission of children would very much be up to the discretion of the licencees.

How much does it cost?

The event is free and takes place in premises in and around the town. Some places may choose to charge later on in the evening but that is up to the individiual licencees.

Do I need to buy a ticket?


How do I get there?

Please visit our location page

How can I find out who is playing and when?

You can find a list of all artists taking part on our Acts Page.

A chronological list of performances is available here.

Is parking available?

Our location page provides details of the public car parks in Hertford, all of which are FREE on Sundays.

Who are the top acts to see?

That is very much for you to decide! We do not have any "headliners" or support acts, although we do highlight some performers of interest on our social media pages. That's why we call it the Mystery Tour!

I'm a trader, journalist or just want to volunteer. Who should I speak to?

Please contact us using the contact form

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