Musical Mystery Tour Schedule

This page lists all performances by known scheduled time for Sunday 25th August 2019.
If an act does not have a scheduled time then it is not included in this listing.

Time Act Venue
10:30Anna WellsGin On The River
12:00Owen StephenDeco
12:00Lip Service Brass BandThe Crafty Duck
12:00Jill Preston and Gerry KingThe Blackbirds
12:00Adam FearnHertford House Garden
12:00CamThe Snug
12:00Emily CooldrichThe Woolpack
12:00Francesca FonzarelliThe Hertford Club
12:00DJ Daz LovelockCinnabar
12:00Francesca FonzarelliGin On The River
12:00Jacob SkinnerThe Hummingbird
12:00AdrenalinThe Duncombe
12:00El WhitakerThe Salisbury Arms
12:00Garden RoomThe Greyhound
12:00Oliver WheeldonThe Old Barge
12:15Andy BradshawThe Six Templars
12:20Pete 'Oz' HarrisPopworld
12:30PassifsThe White Hart
12:30AllergyThe Lord Haig
12:30George PornbyThe Snug
12:40Keith GunterThe Hertford Club
12:40KatieThe Salisbury Arms
12:45Jodus WheatlusThe Woolpack
13:00ObjectHertford House Bar
13:00Owen StephenThe Crafty Duck
13:00Ed TattersallThe Greyhound
13:001403Gin On The River
13:00Jake And His Old ManThe Hummingbird
13:00Amy SempleThe Black Horse
13:00Adam FearnThe Old Barge
13:00Peter CrossleyThe Snug
13:00LuminetricsThe Jungle Bar
13:00Rebecca Starling & Sam KennedyHertford House Garden
13:00JenyoThe Quiet Man
13:00GP3The Blackbirds
13:00The GoldbacksThe Millstream
13:15Anna BeavenThe Salisbury Arms
13:20Bill TarranThe Hertford Club
13:30Why NotThe Snug
13:30The StanleesThe White Hart
13:30Luke Shropshire (DJ)Brothership
13:30Luna BlueThe Woolpack
13:30Electric BlackThe Six Templars
14:00DJ Ellie BanksCinnabar
14:00Sophie Odira-HansingThe Practitioner
14:00The MishapsThe Quiet Man
14:00BombshellThe Duncombe
14:00The RacketeersThe Hummingbird
14:00FlashbackThe Jungle Bar
14:00The Jericho RacksHertford House Lounge
14:00Brandon BlockThe Greyhound
14:00Hibiki Ichikawa and Akari MochizukiHertford Museum
14:00Baron GoodloveThe Crafty Duck
14:00Blue LaneThe Blackbirds
14:00Maxx PalmerThe Snug
14:00Tracy IslandThe Black Horse
14:00Jonny HollisThe White Lion
14:00TablehouseThe Salisbury Arms
14:00The PainkillersThe Lord Haig
14:00The Neil Fryer QuartetDeco
14:00Natasha StrangeThe Old Barge
14:05The FogThe Hertford Club
14:10One Man SinatraThe Millstream
14:15Conor WalkerHertford House Garden
14:15Dan Thomas and The AltogetherThe Woolpack
14:15DuckHertford House Bar
14:20Seymour CulverMudlarks Cafe
14:20The SmashPopworld
14:30Dave Pearce (DJ)Brothership
14:30AllergyThe White Hart
14:45Kaspar and The Swamp DogsThe Black Horse
14:45The MonitorsThe Six Templars
14:45Elyssa DeanThe Millstream
15:00The Rolling MossThe Bengeo Club
15:00LuminetricsThe Duncombe
15:00ClampdownHertford House Lounge
15:00Los Chicos MuertosThe Snug
15:00Ebony PalmerThe White Horse
15:00Hibiki Ichikawa and Akari MochizukiHertford Museum
15:00Morgan SkyDeco
15:00Chris SimsThe Woolpack
15:00Los DomingosThe Greyhound
15:00Pick'n'mixThe Old Barge
15:00Kev MaherThe Crafty Duck
15:00Ware Ukulele GroupThe Saracen's Head
15:00Paul Sharp - The Beatles 1962 to 1970The Practitioner
15:00The RivalsThe Jungle Bar
15:00DJ VasHertford House Garden
15:00AlyshaThe Hummingbird
15:00Why NotThe Hertford Club
15:00George PornbyThe Quiet Man
15:00Tom BragginsThe White Lion
15:15Unit 22The Blackbirds
15:15Richard HolderThe Salisbury Arms
15:15NualaMudlarks Cafe
15:15ShakilaHertford House Bar
15:30Quivering LipThe Millstream
15:30The TrashThe White Hart
15:30Wolf & ManThe Lord Haig
15:30TablehouseGin On The River
15:30EponineThe Black Horse
15:45Ethan SmithThe Woolpack
15:45The DisastersThe Bengeo Club
15:45Grace WhitfordThe White Horse
15:50Peter CrossleyThe Hertford Club
16:00Mike NormanThe Crafty Duck
16:00Daniel LumleyThe Old Barge
16:00The Beat Poet ExperienceHertford House Bar
16:00Conor WalkerDeco
16:00SofasonicThe Duncombe
16:00Dan ThomasThe White Lion
16:00Sam AshfordThe Hummingbird
16:00The Greyhound FactoryThe Snug
16:00BombshellThe Six Templars
16:001403The Quiet Man
16:00TV COMAHertford House Lounge
16:00Bizarre FishThe Jungle Bar
16:00One Man SinatraThe Saracen's Head
16:05Marky DawsonThe Practitioner
16:15Baron GoodloveThe Black Horse
16:15Colin SwiftMudlarks Cafe
16:15Mel QuinnThe Salisbury Arms
16:15SlapThe Greyhound
16:20Wasted RhymesPopworld
16:30ShakilaThe Millstream
16:30DJ JPHertford House Garden
16:30Ed TattersallThe Woolpack
16:30Elyssa DeanThe Blackbirds
16:30Terry Farley (DJ)Brothership
16:30Soul ChainThe White Hart
16:30Tangerine HipsterThe White Horse
16:40Graham HineThe Hertford Club
16:45Hubcap MoonThe Saracen's Head
17:00The RivalsThe White Lion
17:00LACKThe Hummingbird
17:00The Highway MenThe Lord Haig
17:00Repertoire DogsThe Duncombe
17:00DJ Scotty LCinnabar
17:00The TreesThe Jungle Bar
17:00Pete 'Oz' HarrisThe Bengeo Club
17:00Found missing?Hertford House Lounge
17:00Tom BragginsThe Old Barge
17:00Blake BakerThe Crafty Duck
17:00The Wayward SonsThe Snug
17:00Blue LaneThe Quiet Man
17:00AllStars TooHertford House Bar
17:15The Rolling MossMudlarks Cafe
17:15The Real McKoysThe Six Templars
17:15The Apricot HoundsThe Greyhound
17:15GP3The Practitioner
17:15Garden RoomThe Black Horse
17:20Brad HeidiThe Woolpack
17:20Hot MessPopworld
17:25That Blue PatchThe Millstream
17:30The SGsThe White Hart
17:30Uptown PunkThe Blackbirds
17:30Luke Shropshire (DJ)Hertford House Garden
17:45The Banter BoysThe Hertford Club
17:45Graham John KnappettThe White Horse
18:00ExaggeratorsHertford House Lounge
18:00Wolf & ManThe Bengeo Club
18:00PassifsThe Saracen's Head
18:00Elyssa DeanThe Practitioner
18:00BombshellThe Jungle Bar
18:00Test The WatersThe Snug
18:00Blue LaneThe Hummingbird
18:00CamMudlarks Cafe
18:00Bengeo Blues BandThe White Lion
18:00Jake And His Old ManThe Quiet Man
18:00Ed TattersallThe Old Barge
18:00Cardinal KingsThe Crafty Duck
18:00JP (DJ)Brothership
18:15RazThe Black Horse
18:20Paul Sharp - The Beatles 1962 to 1970The Millstream
18:30Daniel LumleyThe Greyhound
18:30Rebecca StarlingGin On The River
18:30Dave Pearce (DJ)Hertford House Garden
18:30Bang TidyThe Lord Haig
18:30Bizarre FishThe Six Templars
18:30EponineThe Woolpack
18:30Marky DawsonThe Blackbirds
18:40Pirtle Poet and the Friends of VivianMudlarks Cafe
18:45Radio VideoThe White Hart
18:45Jill Preston and Gerry KingThe White Horse
18:50Junkyard Dawg Jug BandThe Hertford Club
19:00The Banter BoysThe Jungle Bar
19:00Maxx PalmerThe Saracen's Head
19:00The BadmenThe White Lion
19:00Cherry MoonThe Hummingbird
19:00Anna WellsDeco
19:00Lemmi EatonGin On The River
19:00Wasted RhymesThe Snug
19:00Hot MessThe Bengeo Club
19:00Back to the 50sHertford House Bar
19:00Tommy KendallThe Quiet Man
19:00Kev Maher and The ScallywagsThe Crafty Duck
19:00Lost CauseThe Duncombe
19:00Hubcap MoonThe Practitioner
19:00Los Ladrones De AmorHertford House Lounge
19:15Sophie In ReverieThe Woolpack
19:15Ebony PalmerMudlarks Cafe
19:30Vinyl RecallThe Blackbirds
19:30AlyshaThe Millstream
19:40Cedar Rose JohnsonMudlarks Cafe
19:45The SGsThe Greyhound
19:45The SmashThe Six Templars
19:50That Blue PatchThe Hertford Club
20:00The Apricot HoundsDeco
20:00DJ Steve LeeHertford House Garden
20:00Wolf & ManThe Jungle Bar
20:00BottleRocketThe Snug
20:00DJ LeslieHertford House Bar
20:00Quivering LipHertford House Lounge
20:00Bizarre FishThe Lord Haig
20:00April BlueThe Saracen's Head
20:00TakenThe Duncombe
20:00The RacketeersThe Bengeo Club
20:00The Wayward SonsThe White Lion
20:00The Real McKoysThe White Hart
20:00Second BiteThe White Horse
20:00Jonny HollisThe Quiet Man
20:15Pick'n'mixThe Hummingbird
20:15Los Chicos MuertosThe Practitioner
20:30Total RecallThe Woolpack
20:30Anna WellsMudlarks Cafe
20:30DollyThe Millstream
20:45The Feb21sThe Blackbirds
20:55Westward HoThe Hertford Club
21:00Planet XThe Jungle Bar
21:00Soul ChainThe Greyhound
21:00Bang TidyThe Six Templars
21:00Thirteen RosesThe White Lion
21:00Cardinal KingsThe Duncombe
21:00Geoff CarneThe Quiet Man
21:00DJ Tom SkippCinnabar
21:00Paul Sharp - The Beatles 1962 to 1970The White Horse
21:00The Suicide TapesHertford House Lounge
21:00EponineThe Saracen's Head
21:15Bengeo Blues BandThe Bengeo Club
21:15Pick'n'mixThe Hummingbird
21:20The Greyhound FactoryMudlarks Cafe
21:30The Zodiac ClubThe Practitioner
21:30SofasonicThe Lord Haig
21:40Neil GowansThe Saracen's Head
21:45DJ RommelHertford House Bar
22:00Engine RoomThe Jungle Bar
22:00Francesca FonzarelliThe Quiet Man
22:00DJ LeslieHertford House Garden
22:00The PainkillersThe Hertford Club
22:00FlashbackThe Blackbirds
22:00The Vaulted SkiesHertford House Lounge
22:15Quixote's BeardThe Six Templars
22:30Cherry MoonThe Bengeo Club
22:30Kev Maher and The ScallywagsThe Duncombe
22:30Anna WellsGin On The River
22:35Grace WhitfordThe Saracen's Head
23:00Maxx PalmerHertford House Lounge
23:15The DisastersThe Six Templars
23:59DJ JTCinnabar

That's an astounding 264 performances.

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