Musical Mystery Tour Schedule

This page lists all performances by known scheduled time for Sunday 26th August 2018.
If an act does not have a scheduled time then it is not included in this listing.

Time Act Venue
10:00Zoe Phillips & Jordan WalkerGin On The River
10:00Dan Tan Train ProjectHertford Coffee Lab
10:00Mike RustHertford Coffee Lab
10:00Dan DodsonHertford Coffee Lab
10:00Dom ClaytorHertford Coffee Lab
11:00Pete 'Oz' HarrisMudlarks Cafe
11:30The Rolling MossThe Bengeo Club
12:00Bill TarranThe Hertford Club
12:00Georgia NevadaThe Woolpack
12:00Beth HedgesThe Salisbury Arms
12:00Graham John KnappettThe Snug
12:00Ware Ukulele GroupThe Practitioner
12:00Rebecca StarlingHertford House Bar
12:00Francesca FonzarelliThe Duncombe
12:00Steve StoneMudlarks Cafe
12:15Neil Gowans and The WinosThe Six Templars
12:20Lucy KinsellaPopworld
12:30Josie MarchThe Bengeo Club
12:30SockThe Lord Haig
12:30Connor McLeanThe Old Barge
12:35George EllinghamThe Hertford Club
12:40George PornbyThe Snug
12:45Lou Goubrious & The OrjazzmsHertford House Bar
13:00Beth HedgesThe Woolpack
13:00JenyoThe Quiet Man
13:00Georgia NevadaThe Salisbury Arms
13:00Coated DogsHertford House Garden
13:00Stephanie ScottThe Duncombe
13:00George PowellThe White Horse
13:00ElswhereThe Jungle Bar
13:00John HealSloppy's
13:00The GhiasThe White Hart
13:00RadialHertford House Lounge
13:00The Rolling MossThe Corn Exchange
13:10Peter CrossleyThe Hertford Club
13:15Adam FearnThe Practitioner
13:15Keef JackmanMudlarks Cafe
13:15Thirteen RosesThe Bengeo Club
13:20A Fistful Of CoversPopworld
13:20Why NotThe Snug
13:30Tracy IslandThe Old Barge
13:30BombshellThe Six Templars
13:30Ed TattersallGin On The River
13:40Jay Bee HoldenThe White Horse
13:45Neil GowansSloppy's
13:45HoundHertford House Lounge
13:50Steve IngreyThe Hertford Club
13:50The Fabulous Divas with songs From Priscilla Queen of the DesertHertford House Garden
14:00The MishapsThe Millstream
14:00KhamsinaThe Blackbirds
14:00Seymour CulverThe Black Horse
14:00The Highway MenThe Lord Haig
14:00Maiden JeansThe Quiet Man
14:00Tamara IbrahimThe Salisbury Arms
14:00The Greyhound FactoryThe Snug
14:00Los Chicos MuertosHertford Museum
14:00The Tom Braggins TrioHertford House Bar
14:00Kelvin DaviesThe Duncombe
14:00Wolf & ManThe Jungle Bar
14:00Trojan HorsesThe White Hart
14:00George ClarkDeco
14:00The Alan Linfoot BandThe Corn Exchange
14:00DJ Daz LovelockCinnabar
14:10Quivering LipHertford House Garden
14:15Oka VangaThe Old Barge
14:15Sam KennedyRigsby's
14:15Custard TartsThe Practitioner
14:15Colin SwiftMudlarks Cafe
14:15Steve StoneThe Bengeo Club
14:20The SmashPopworld
14:20Martin PescatoreThe White Horse
14:30Adam FearnSloppy's
14:30Chris SimsHertford House Lounge
14:35Keith SnowdonThe Hertford Club
14:40Thirteen RosesThe Blackbirds
14:45Gerry King & Jill PrestonThe Millstream
14:45McVicarThe Six Templars
14:45Sophie In ReverieThe Black Horse
14:45Jacob SkinnerThe Woolpack
14:45Shaun ClarkThe Duncombe
14:50Richard HolderThe White Horse
15:00Tracy IslandRigsby's
15:00Peter CrossleyThe Quiet Man
15:00Lucy KinsellaThe Salisbury Arms
15:00BottleRocketThe Snug
15:00StarseedzThe Practitioner
15:00Summer of Love DJs Steve Lee, Brandon Block & GuestsHertford House Garden
15:00Kevin FrancesThe White Lion
15:00The Suicide TapesThe Jungle Bar
15:00The BonnetThe White Hart
15:00Wolf & ManDeco
15:15RoswellThe Hertford Club
15:15Garden RoomHertford House Bar
15:15Jonny HollisThe Bengeo Club
15:15Reverse FamilyHertford House Lounge
15:20Wasted RhymesPopworld
15:30Zoe Phillips & Jordan WalkerThe Old Barge
15:30Francesca FonzarelliThe Blackbirds
15:30NualaThe Black Horse
15:30BombshellThe Lord Haig
15:30Andres CruzThe Woolpack
15:30Dusty WagonsThe Duncombe
15:30Seymour CulverMudlarks Cafe
15:30Mike ExcellThe White Horse
15:30Beth HedgesSloppy's
15:30ExaggeratorsHertford Museum
15:45PenaThe Millstream
15:45ElswhereThe Corn Exchange
15:55Duke SpecialHertford House Bar
16:00Fusion Voices In HarmonyThe Hertford Club
16:00Unit 22The Six Templars
16:00Lou Goubrious & The OrjazzmsRigsby's
16:00Ed TattersallThe Quiet Man
16:00Popup AcousticThe Snug
16:00The Beat Poet ExperienceThe Practitioner
16:00Gerry GuildeaThe White Lion
16:00Lord AlgaeThe Jungle Bar
16:00The SmashThe White Hart
16:00Lucy KinsellaDeco
16:00DuckHertford House Lounge
16:05Los Ladrones De AmorThe Black Horse
16:102 Colours BlueThe White Horse
16:15The BadmenThe Blackbirds
16:15EponineThe Woolpack
16:15Richard HolderThe Bengeo Club
16:30That Blue PatchThe Old Barge
16:30The Rolling MossMudlarks Cafe
16:30Lemon VenomThe Corn Exchange
16:30Rob ClydesdaleThe Black Horse
16:45Elyssa DeanThe Millstream
16:45Lip Service Brass BandHertford House Bar
16:50Sophie Odira-HansingThe White Horse
16:55Graham HineThe Hertford Club
17:00The TreesThe Black Horse
17:00Why NotThe Blackbirds
17:00Total RecallThe Lord Haig
17:00Duke SpecialRigsby's
17:00Lucy KinsellaThe Woolpack
17:00Beth HedgesThe Quiet Man
17:00Test The WatersThe Snug
17:00KhamsinaThe Practitioner
17:00Adam & RickThe Duncombe
17:00The Wayward SonsThe White Lion
17:00SofasonicThe Jungle Bar
17:00Lucy KinsellaSloppy's
17:00Block 33The White Hart
17:00Euan RidleyGin On The River
17:00P'zazGin On The River
17:00The Tuesday ClubHertford House Lounge
17:00DJ Anna GreenwoodCinnabar
17:15A.R.S.EThe Six Templars
17:15Martin PescatoreThe Bengeo Club
17:15Quixote's BeardThe Corn Exchange
17:30Georgia NevadaThe Millstream
17:30Francesca FonzarelliThe Old Barge
17:30CamMudlarks Cafe
17:30Sam KennedyThe White Horse
17:45Odette MichellThe Hertford Club
17:45Sophie In ReverieThe Woolpack
17:45Ed TattersallThe Duncombe
18:00AlyshaThe Blackbirds
18:00Garden RoomThe Black Horse
18:00Andres CruzRigsby's
18:00Thirteen RosesThe Snug
18:00Jonny HollisThe Practitioner
18:00ExaggeratorsHertford House Bar
18:00The RivalsThe White Lion
18:00BombshellThe Jungle Bar
18:00Quivering LipSloppy's
18:00Sophie Odira-HansingThe Quiet Man
18:00The Mynd SetThe White Hart
18:00MilitiaThe Corn Exchange
18:00Declan McKennaHertford House Lounge
18:00Kev ReynoldsCinnabar
18:10GetchooThe White Horse
18:15Keef JackmanThe Bengeo Club
18:302 Times AcousticThe Millstream
18:30The SmashThe Six Templars
18:30The BonnetThe Lord Haig
18:30Dusty WagonsThe Woolpack
18:30Graham John KnappettMudlarks Cafe
18:30Dan ThomasThe Duncombe
18:35Westward HoThe Hertford Club
19:00Wasted RhymesThe Snug
19:00Andres CruzThe Blackbirds
19:00Adam & RickThe Quiet Man
19:00Duke SpecialThe Black Horse
19:00Elyssa DeanThe Practitioner
19:00ResonanceHertford House Bar
19:00Lip Service Brass BandThe White Lion
19:00Josie MarchThe White Horse
19:00Escape partyThe Jungle Bar
19:00Blue LaneSloppy's
19:00HomegrownThe White Hart
19:00Newtown HoundsThe Corn Exchange
19:15SlapThe Woolpack
19:15Wolf & ManThe Bengeo Club
19:25Red VelvetThe Hertford Club
19:30AlyshaThe Millstream
19:30Jonny HollisThe Duncombe
19:30Lemmi EatonMudlarks Cafe
19:30ExaggeratorsHertford House Lounge
19:40Dan ThomasThe White Horse
19:45The Real McKoysThe Six Templars
19:45Radio VideoThe Blackbirds
19:50DellasThe Corn Exchange
20:00The TreesThe Snug
20:00SofasonicThe Lord Haig
20:00April BlueThe Woolpack
20:00Quivering LipThe Practitioner
20:00Thirteen RosesThe White Lion
20:00Engine RoomThe Jungle Bar
20:00Andres CruzSloppy's
20:00DJ Jessie CohenCinnabar
20:15Junkyard Dawg Jug BandThe Hertford Club
20:15The MishapsThe Quiet Man
20:15Funk Soul BrothersThe Bengeo Club
20:15The TrashHertford House Lounge
20:20Keef JackmanThe White Horse
20:30Mel QuinnThe Duncombe
20:30Neil Gowans and The WinosMudlarks Cafe
20:30Lou Goubrious & The OrjazzmsGin On The River
20:35Chris SimsThe Corn Exchange
20:45IronglassThe Six Templars
21:00ResonanceThe Blackbirds
21:00PassifsThe Woolpack
21:00Dusty WagonsThe Practitioner
21:00Scally WagsThe Duncombe
21:00SofasonicThe White Lion
21:00EponineThe White Horse
21:00Planet XThe Jungle Bar
21:00The Suicide TapesHertford House Lounge
21:05That Blue PatchThe Hertford Club
21:15George PornbyThe Quiet Man
21:15Westward HoThe Bengeo Club
21:25Luna BlueThe Corn Exchange
21:30The RevivalsThe Lord Haig
21:30Hoodoo FishMudlarks Cafe
22:00The Hill Street Blues BandThe Hertford Club
22:00Escape partyThe Six Templars
22:00Maxx PalmerThe Woolpack
22:00Bizarre FishThe Practitioner
22:00Connor McLeanThe White Horse
22:00The BonnetThe Jungle Bar
22:00The Real McKoysHertford House Lounge
22:00Kev ReynoldsCinnabar
22:15PassifsThe Quiet Man
22:15The Suicide TapesThe Corn Exchange
22:30ElswhereMudlarks Cafe
22:30The RivalsThe Bengeo Club
22:30Lucy KinsellaGin On The River
23:00Radio VideoThe Six Templars
23:00AllergyThe Jungle Bar
23:00DJ Scotty LCinnabar

That's an astounding 261 performances.

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