Musical Mystery Tour 2022

The next Musical Mystery Tour is scheduled to take place on Sunday 28th August 2022. (subject to licensing and Covid restrictions)

A wealth of musicians and acts will perform in venues in and around the town, from 11am until midnight.

The event is hugely popular and one of the highlights on the Hertford calendar, featuring a wide range of music, from rock to reggae, folk and funk to punk, classical and jazz in venues as diverse as pubs, clubs and municipal buildings.

Cancellation of 2021 Musical Mystery Tour

With the heaviest of hearts, we have to announce that we can’t go ahead with the Musical Mystery Tour this year.

Unlike conventional gated festivals we have no control at all over access - and, because our event is by nature a ‘tour’, it involves people moving around and mingling more than any other kind of live music event. That, combined with official ‘guidance’ that effectively makes us potentially liable for what happens in up to 30 venues over which we have no control, means it’s impossible for us to keep our (mostly unvaccinated and/or at high risk) volunteers, engineers, security team, litter pickers and, of course, musicians safe. The clincher, though, was the news that we are unable to renew our Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance - leaving us with a terrifying degree of personal exposure.

It’s taken a lot of agonizing and listing of the pros and cons to reach this decision but, sadly, in the end the arguments for cancelling were overwhelming. We’re painfully sorry to be forced to disappoint everyone - but we’d rather wait till 2022 for a full-on renaissance than risk the lives and health of the people who make the event happen - not to mention the audience and their contacts.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, we anticipate that applications to play will open in Spring 2022. An online application form will be available for acts to submit details and register their interest. We are unable to accept any other form of application.

If you are a venue interested in hosting live music or other entertainment we will be providing information on how to take part once it becomes clear that we can go ahead with the event.

Here are some comments about The Mystery Tour:

I have woken up on the Bank Holiday Monday with a large smile on my face because my friends, family and I have enjoyed a weekend in Hertford to be proud of

Adam, 2020

Wow what a day yesterday , Thankyou to the organisers, bar staff and all the brilliant musicians ! It was amazing !

Jean, 2020

There was a happy and friendly vibe at every venue we went to and in the streets of Hertford and I hope you had time to pause and enjoy the joy you created.

Julia, 2020

Thankyou everyone who worked so hard making it a magical day in Hertford again yesterday. Fantastic musicians and hard working bar staff everywhere we went . LOVE HERTFORD! Thankyou again

As a visitor from outside the area who came to this event, I'd like to say how much I enjoyed the day!! It was outstanding to see so much variety in so many different venues ... and all for free - unbelievable!! The beer prices were standard ... and there was a great selection of food available at most venues too. Well done and many thanks to everyone who contributed in whatever way to making this such a fabulous day!!

I went to a few venues with some friends and was amazed by the size of the event and the quality of the bands involved. Will definitely be inviting friends over to stay next year.

It was our second time attending Hertford Music Festival. What an amazing day! We spent the whole day/evening dancing, cheering, eating and drinking. We had an absolute ball! We also noticed how much of a happy atmosphere there was with no trouble (that we witnessed) and little police presence. Thank you and well done to everyone who put in so much effort to have a fantastic, free event.

Me & my boys all had a great time, so great for all ages as they are 15, 16 & 19 & I'm 44... Look forward to next year.

The Best Festival Ever. You don't need big names to have a good time. Well done to the organisers and all the sound men at each venue.

Had a brilliant time at the Music Festival. What a great advert and event for Hertford.

We had a truly fantastic time, so many amazing acts to watch.

Hertford Music Festival was absolutely fantastic as always. We all had an amazing time. Can't wait until next year.

Had a great day ... three gigs played ... totally shattered by the end of it, and enjoyed every minute.

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